The Savages of Wirramai

Producer: Suckerpunch Theatre
Writer: Sandra Fairthorne
Directed By: Kevin Summers
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An epic Australian drama about generational trauma set in rural Victoria.


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Technical Information

Technical Rating: D
Touring Party: 7
Bump-in Time: 6 hrs
Bump-out Time: 2 hrs
Interval: No




Transport Notes

Audience & Marketing Notes

Selling Points

  • This is an absorbing drama about the crisis families encounter when members return from the traumatic experience of war and the flow on effect. It also links unreported child abuse, (and the lack of validation that ensues), strongly with the issue of drug and alcohol addiction.
  • According to Odyssey House, eight out of every ten drug addicts have been sexually abused as children. The evidence of unreported child abuse in Victoria's regional towns - particularly in the Ballarat region - has become almost viral in the media, affecting thousands. This play explores on a microlevel metaphor the fallout from sex abuse on victims when the parents - like those senior figures in the case of the Catholic Church - choose to ignore the facts. The imperative is 'being believed'. Communities want and need to talk about this important and previously taboo subject.
  • Furthermore, purely as a quality theatrical experience, with a terrific cast including the ubiquitous Don Bridges, we are confident this critically acclaimed play will sell.

Community Engagement

  • We would like to open up the floor for a discussion after the play, with either the producer, a cast member or a local counsellor/psychologist leading a Q and A format.

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Venue Format

Main stage production - black box, or hall


100 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

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Remount: $12750.42

Weekly Sell Off: $12750.42

Per Performance: $0

Royalties: 5
Apra Obligations: NA

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