Jessica Wilson
Anci Muižnieci and Jessica Wilson
Directed By:
Jessica Wilson
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Your town is the backdrop and a travelling bus is the theatre in this new work for children.


The Narrator to a theatre work for children which takes place on board a travelling metro bus. Using the large windows as screens, an on-board narrator entices us to reimagine the passing streets as the location of for a rich and personal story about childhood betrayal and friendship.

We drive past characters, we look on as scenes unfold in unusual locations, and we re-contextualise real buildings and pedestrians. The child audience develops ‘new eyes’ as they look out at the passing streets of a landscape they know and imagine their own home town in a very different way.

This acclaimed experience emerges from Jessica’s long practice creating works on board buses, but is her first for a young audience. The story blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality, leaping from present to past using an onboard sound system and the film-like aesthetics enabled by the form.

The Narrator was created in Latvia in 2019 in a collaboration with a team of local artists for the Valmiera International Children’s Festival. It can be remapped onto new locations in a one week process following a recci visit, and has one confirmed Australian season for DreamBIG in 2021.

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Technical Information

Technical Rating:
Touring Party:
Bump-in Time:
Bump-out Time:


No lighting.


Sound system is rigged inside the bus.
12 small speakers and radio mike system provided by the Company.
Amplification, wiring and powering required by the Presenter.
Please see technical specifications for details.


No theatre required.
One metro style bus with minimum 40 seats required.

Crew Notes

Sound crew required for bump in of sound system to bus. This can be the engineer who comes with the sound hire company. Approximately 5 hours required.

Transport Notes

Freight is one road case for sound equipment and costumes only.

Audience & Marketing Notes

The Narrator is a very appealing work for family audiences and school groups of children. In its premiere season in Latvia it sold out to family audiences.

The work appeals equally to adults and children and is an exciting experience to share.

Pick up locations can be mapped to enable collection of audience directly outside different schools as long as they are within a reasonable vicinity to the show route.

Selling Points

  • The Narrator puts its audience on a bus (a place where some are more comfortable then in a theatre building) and promises a rich and unusual dramatic experience.
  • The backdrop / design is the streets and landscape of the real world.
  • The story unfolds as you drive around, and the scenes take place in different locations as well as on board the bus.
  • The audience remain in their seat for the duration of the performance.
  • The experience has been likened to being inside a film. With the help of onboard music, the bus windows feel like screens which are surrounding you in an immersive way.
  • The Narrator was acclaimed in its premiere season in Latvia with an enormous audience waiting list.
  • The work helps children to reimagine places they might know as sites for childhood experiences.
  • Jessica Wilson has made very successful works on buses for adult audiences including 'Passenger' which toured to London in 2019, but this is her first work on a bus for a child audience.

Community Engagement

  • The Narrator is embedded in the landscape of your town in places that resonate with your community / audience. It involves a two day recci and then a one week re-mapping process in each new town / location prior to opening. This process begins with consultation with local children to find sites which they identify with. These places inform the new route and their anecdotes will inform the script adaptation.








4-14 y/o's and their families

Venue Format

Site based performance that requires a set of streets and sites that can be identified by the presenter in partnership with the Company.


60 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

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Remount: $10000

Weekly Sell Off: $20000

Per Performance: $0

Apra Obligations:

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