The Hall Committee

Hey Boss
Damian Callinan
Directed By:
Damian Callinan
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A satirical new Australian play that proves there's nothing harder than a seat on a hall committee


The Rummage South Memorial Hall has seen better days. With white ants in the walls, possums in the roof & pigeons in the projection booth, the local wildlife are getting more use out of the hall than the locals. Due to the stringent restrictions enforced by Brenda, the intractable hall committee president, many residents have given up even trying to book the place. However, when tree changer Rebecca manages to inveigle her way onto the committee, the community gets a shake-up. When she reveals that a hall grant is within their reach, the fractured committee ultimately join forces to put their differences behind them. Unbeknownst to the committee, the hall is also inhabited by the spirits of the hall’s past who weave their subtle magic to help the hall & the community heal.

‘The Hall Committee’ is devised to be performed in the small country hall environment. Audiences will have their own hall transformed in front of them as the cast usurp their residing committee to bring this interactive, immersive, hilarious play to life.‘The Hall Committee’ is a nostalgic celebration of the role halls have played but challenges us to acknowledge our past to ensure an inclusive future.

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Technical Information

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Included in tech specs


The Hall Committee is written and designed to be performed on the floor of a hall. The set is the hall itself. This environment is augmented by the shows props ie/ satirical hall rules signs, local historical society display of stand ups banners, supper table, patchwork Rummage South Memo Hall sign etc Depending on the configuration of the hall, the audience will be oriented facing one side of the hall. The basic set of 5 stools,6 pull up banners & hall sign will be placed on the floor of hall. We encourage arts centres to NOT book the show into a traditional theatre space, but to support the production being played in local & outlying halls. The interactive, promenade nature of the play comes to life in the real environment of the hall. Indeed some components such as the audience & the players beginning outside wouldn’t be able to be achieved in a traditional theatre space. [For information on venue desirability, please read a ‘Message to Presenters’ in Marketing Toolkit]

Transport Notes

1 x 8 seat people mover
1 x long wheel base van

Audience & Marketing Notes

The Hall Committee has already proven its appeal to regional audiences after its sold out season touring the halls of the Riverina [NSW]. Such was the interest in the show’s subject matter, the entire season was sold out before the run of shows began. Once the show did open, the demand for tickets became overwhelming. The play is geared towards anyone living in small town Australia with particular emphasis on those who have served on committees of any kind, but’s resonance is universal.

The plays sentimental tones resonated with older audiences and gave a snapshot of the halls glory days to younger audiences. The interactive nature of the play that includes improvisation, elements of promenade theatre and the audience supplying the supper and voting on key points of order, makes for fun, inclusive night. While the play has nostalgic overtones it also touches on contemporary issues – shrinking rural populations, landcare and dealing with poor historical treatment of First Nations people.

The play brings communities together in their place and also brings those from nearby communities to share in their historic place. The Hall Committee sells itself

Selling Points

  • Relatable content for country audiences
  • Comedy
  • Interactive theatre
  • Hosting a show that is written for, and about the venue
  • Unique theatre experience with the action happening all around the audience
  • Opportunity to celebrate the very hall that is the subject of the performance
  • Opportunity to host a pre-show BBQ, interval supper & a post show 'whatever you like'









Venue Format

Flat floor of hall


105 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

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Remount: $29300

Weekly Sell Off: $19500

Per Performance: $0

Apra Obligations:
Dramatic Context license required

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