The Big Lost Band on Tour

The Lost Lands
Directed By:
Ian Pidd
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A banging 100 piece rock and roll band featuring 25 touring kids and adults and 75 local recruits.


The Big Lost Band debuted as part of the 2019 Lost Lands festival. The Lost Lands is a large scale family oriented music and arts festival held each cup weekend in the grounds of Werribee Mansion. The Big Lost Band was one of the highlights of this last festival. In only four rehearsals over the weeks leading up to the gig, the core creative team pulled together a 136 strong band of musicians made up of families who were attending the event. 70% children and young people. Playing 20 drum kits, 40 guitars, 10 basses and assorted whistles, saxes, keyboards, buckets and coconuts. Plus a big choir. It was a massive hit. Check out the video below of the band playing Thunderstruck, our party piece. This pitch proposes that we take a percentage of this band on tour (25 or so), with the majority of the band recruited in your town.

Over two week-long visits the key creatives will recruit a 75 strong team of mostly young people – who can range from absolute beginners to young guns – and rehearse up a set of songs. One day before the gig the touring band members arrive and the whole band attend an epic rehearsal. The following day a pretty much guaranteed huge audience experience rock heaven.

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Technical Information

Technical Rating:
D with a little extra PA (most producer supplied.)
Touring Party:
4 + commitee members
Bump-in Time:
Bump-out Time:


Basic rock and roll set up. Really simple.


We will travel with the extra microphones, stands, monitors, mixing consoles and cabling required to make this work. We’ll need plenty of power and a reasonably good PA.


The Big Lost Band is almost infinitely flexible in terms of staging. The original concert was staged outside on bare ground. However it would work in any environment in which a audience can see and hear 100 community musicians going off. Theatre, school hall, shopping mall, park, festival site, etc.

Transport Notes

The band travel under their own steam, three tonne truck for instruments and sound gear.

Audience & Marketing Notes

This seriously is one for pretty much everyone. The show is musically dynamic, genuinely moving, and full of great one-off stories – from the child playing their first ever gig on drums to the teenage girl discovering that the bass is for her to the young guitar virtuoso FINALLY getting some serious attention.. It’s also pretty great seeing everyone start the show hanging on for dear life, and growing in confidence until they receive their due as the audience goes wild.

Selling Points

  • Once you have 100 (or more) people in a show the local word of mouth pre-show is industrial strength. There are also great photo and video opportunities from the rehearsals. Especially the epic coming together of everyone the day before the gig.

Community Engagement

  • Each iteration of the Big Lost Band will involve workshops aimed at recruiting local young people to join the band. This could be with schools, community clubs, existing local community music programs, open workshops, etc. In many way this IS the project. The concert merely a hugely engaging and joyful demonstration of what has gone before. Ian and Dan, both highly experienced community practitioners, have every confidence of turning pretty much any group of young people (and their parents) into an ecstatic rock and roll animal. The engagement and accessibility for all is key for us.



All ages, family friendly

Venue Format

Any Space


60 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

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Remount: $0

Weekly Sell Off: $0

Per Performance: $10000

Apra Obligations:
Apra payments for applicable songs.


Technical Specifications

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