The Amazing Painting

Arie Rain Glorie
Arie Rain Glorie
Directed By:
Arie Rain Glorie
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Press a button to have a spectacular and thrilling experience of landscape painting, like no other.


This participatory installation is made out if a garden shed (1m x 2m x 1.7m) painted black with a blue half length curtain in its door and an LED scrolling light on its front, resembling a vintage automated photo booth. You sit inside it and press a glowing red button in front of you, which causes a pastoralist landscape painting to emerge out of the darkness. Over a five minute light show you see the painting washed with different projected colours of light, accompanied by different sound sequences, that continuously distort the meaning of the painting. It builds to an intense climax, when the light begins to flicker and the booth begins to rumble (using reverberating low bass sound frequencies). It is as though reality is glitching and history- everything you know- is crumbling around you.

With this project I want to turn looking at a classical landscape painting into a type of post dramatic theatre- striving to produce an effect amongst the spectators than to remain true to the painting. Rare in the world of landscape painting, I am introducing a simultaneous and multi-perspectival form of perceiving. And like a carnival ride, there are a few jumps and surprises along the way.

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It is a self contained object, lighting and sound are built within it, just needs access to a standard 240v power outlet. It is approximately 1 meters wide x 2 meters long x 1.7 meters high.

Crew Notes


Transport Notes

A ute, 1 tonne van or trailer is needed. It could travel by any means. It is light enough for two people to move, or one person on a trolly.

Audience & Marketing Notes

This work is for the person who hates going to galleries or museums and doesn’t get why people like looking at painting. It is intended to give them a new experience of painting, that is closer to an arcade game or carnival ride, and show them that art can be enjoyed on a visceral level and doesn’t need to be an academic of high brow experience. It shows them that there is no right or wrong way to look at art, they can make up stories about what they see, question what it depicts and have fun with it. It is trying to convert them into being an art lover. Statistically, the average person looks at a painting for 15-30 seconds. With this show I am using simple tricks of light and sound to make look at painting for a significantly longer period of time (5 minutes).

Selling Points

  • Key aspects of this show is that you site inside a booth, press buttons and watch a painting with crazy light sequences and intense sounds that you can feel within your body (using low hertz sound frequencies). It also takes iconic Australian landscape paintings, like Hans Heysens "Droving Into The Light" (1921) and reinterprets their meanings, which can be a controversial thing to do. Its like a peep show, an automated photo booth, an arcade game, a carnival ride, and a confession booth rolled into one. Its a spectacle and it only takes 5 minutes- you can experience it while you are waiting to see your show!

Community Engagement

  • I am an experienced curator and programmer and can lead talks about viewing paintings, ways of looking and ambient perspectives.



Adults 20-40

Venue Format

Foyers, galleries, streets, festival hubs, halls, arcades, public space


5 Minutes

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Budget & Fees

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Remount: $1000

Weekly Sell Off: $0

Per Performance: $0

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