Stan and Mabel

Melbourne Youth Orchestras
Jason Chapman
Directed By:
Melbourne Youth Orchestras
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Join the greatest animal orchestra in the world


Performed by musicians from the esteemed Melbourne Youth Orchestra, Paul Rissmann’s musical adventure Stan and Mabel is an interactive and engaging experience for children and the perfect introduction the wonders of classical music.

Based on the book written and illustrated by Jason Chapman, it tells the story of a music-loving dog and cat whose mission is to perform in the greatest orchestra in the world. This highly interactive concert will captivate young children with its mix of music, illustrated projections, audience participation and imaginative narration.

This performance is followed by an “Instrument Petting Zoo”, an interactive workshop with Melbourne Youth Orchestra musicians, designed to introduce young audience members to the instruments of the orchestra.

Words and illustrations Jason Chapman, Music Paul Rissmann

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Technical Information

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General stage wash


Headset mic for narrator Scott Edgar. Handheld mic for conductor Brett Kelly. Sound reinforcement for musicians depending on venue acoustics, size and capacity. Foldback to narrator and conductor.


11 musicians are seated in a semi-circle with piano located Stage Right. The narrator uses a lectern or music stand downstage, stage right. The conductor is seated centrally on a bass stool. Projection is required throughout the performance. Text is displayed at the bottom of the screen so adequate sight-lines to the entire screen are required for the audience. Projection can be upstage of the musicians or downstage on each side of the stage. The performance can be adapted to a wide variety of spaces including community halls. If no piano is available in the venue we will tour with an electric piano.

Crew Notes

MYO will travel with a technician who will operate the Keynote Presentation containing the show visuals.

Transport Notes

We will tour with 2 x 12 seater vans for the touring party, and a third small van for instruments and equipment.

Audience & Marketing Notes

This performance is ideal for families with children aged 3-8 years. The performance is well-developed, engaging, enjoyable, and carefully structured to keep young audiences active and engaged. Its playful use of orchestral instruments to represent the the animal characters and narrative action of the story makes it a wonderful introduction to orchestral music. The interactive ‘Instrument Petting Zoo’ following each performance is very popular with children, who get to touch and play the instruments they have just seen and heard on stage, and in many instances runs longer than the performance itself.

Selling Points

  • You will fall in love with Stan and Mabel, a music-loving cat and dog whose mission is to perform in the greatest orchestra in the world. An interactive and engaging experience for children, Stan and Mable is the perfect introduction to the wonders of classical music.

Community Engagement

  • The Instrumental Petting Zoo which follows each performance is a simple, effective and immenesly popular community engagement activity. MYO tours with a collection of instruments including colourful plastic trumpet, trombones, wind instruments, and violins. Stan and Mabel performers bring their own instruments along to demonstrate and give children hands-on experience playing where it is safe and appropriate to do so.








Kids 3-8 Years

Venue Format

Any Space


60 Minutes

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Budget & Fees

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Remount: $7000

Weekly Sell Off: $0

Per Performance: $5500

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