Sense of Self

Producer: Sara Catena
Writer: Sara Catena
Directed By: Sara Catena
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A magical sensory world to soothe and delight


Short Review


Technical Information

Technical Rating: D
Touring Party: NA
Bump-in Time: 3 hrs
Bump-out Time: 2 hrs
Interval: Optional



Transport Notes

Audience & Marketing Notes

Selling Points

  • In a world of underlying disconnection and loneliness, I’m passionate about art that connects and elevates the richness and resilience of the human spirit. Sense of Self is a visually pleasing, memorable sensory experience for all the family to enjoy together.
  • This inclusive Sensory rich space allows people with Autism spectrum disorder/sensory processing disorder and additional needs to explore and feel soothed as they find their unique Sense of Self.
  • Whether under or over responsive to stimulation the space caters for these needs and allows families to all relax and explore together. A feeling of being held and safe results. This type of respite is few and far between from all accounts.
  • Other selling points: it is a gentle low-tech space and the provenance of its hand-crafted nature is like a long lovely cuddle with grandma.
  • Sense of Self is an immersive Art experience and chill zone all in one.

Community Engagement

  • 'Sense of Home' is an additional workshop based project suitable for community/school groups that can be held within Sense of Self.
  • Focusing on human resilience we tap into our own stories, working with recycled materials, to build whimsical hanging Sunbird Nests. Recording and sharing the human stories is a magical addition to this project creating further connection, dialogue and possible healing opportunities.
  • Pom-pom making and lovebird workshops also available.
  • A night-time viewing is an exciting engagement of Sense of Self: with black-light torches popcorn and the thrill of adventure.







Children with additional needs

Venue Format



180 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

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Remount: $0

Weekly Sell Off: $8000

Per Performance: $3000

Royalties: NA
Apra Obligations: NA

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