Queenie van de Zandt in BLUE: The Songs of Joni Mitchell

Neil Gooding Productions & Amazon Woman Enterprises
Queenie van de Zandt & Max Lambert
Directed By:
Queenie van de Zandt
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A beguiling night of melancholic songs, poetic storytelling and haunting vocals


Australian cabaret chanteuse and musical theatre star, Queenie van de Zandt, renowned for her artful storytelling and raw, emotive vocals, brings to you the songs, stories and art of the musical legend that is Joni Mitchell. Hailed by critics as “A beguiling night of melancholic songs, poetic storytelling and haunting vocals” (Limelight Magazine), the Aussie artist performs “as exquisite a biography as you’re likely to hear.” (Australian Arts Review)

Following rave reviews and sell-out performances in 2017 at the Queensland and Melbourne Cabaret Festivals and the Hayes Theatre in Sydney, BLUE: The Songs of Joni Mitchell, has continued its success touring Australia and the US in 2018 and 2019 with more dates set for 2020 and beyond. Along the way it has won 3 prestigious theatre awards, as well as being nominated for the Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret Performer and the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Cabaret Production.

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Technical Information

Technical Rating:
Touring Party:
Bump-in Time:
Bump-out Time:


Basic lighting rig with a few specials, can use the venue desk and standard positioning .
NB: We need the venue to provide 3 sconce lights for the music stands of the pianist, double bass player and guitarist.

Notes from Matt Marshall – lighting designer:

Some specials for channels below from OP to P, something like L206 for a bit of warmth. Except for easel channel which should be OW.

* Piano player FOH tight special (L206)
* Guitar player FOH tight special (L206)
* Queenie OP stool (mid shot cut at waist sitting down, soft edge) (L206)
* Queenie C mic (mid shot cut at waist, soft edge, so it feels like a follow spot) L206
* Easel shutter special on Joni image. (O/W)
* Bass player FOH tight special (L206)

Then just general stage wash – would be good to have a cool FOH wash on P side for voiceovers. Something like L201 so its ghostly and memory like. And if possible some smoke or haze to add atmosphere.


The band set up is:
• Singer
• Piano
• Double Bass
• Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Backline & sound requirements:
• 2 corded mics (i.e. Shure 54 or equivalent)
• 1 straight mic stand
• 1 boom mic stand
• 2 fold-back wedges

• Fold-back wedge

Double Bass:
• Fold-back wedge
• DI
• Amp (good quality combo amp – i.e. Markbass 2 x 10 inch or 1 x 15 inch or equivalent)

Electric/Acoustic Guitar:
• Fold-back wedge
• DI
• Amp (good quality amp – i.e. Vox AC30 or equivalent)


No contruction- basic stage set up. No flys required. No technical warnings. Piano required if avaliable. Will use hazer if available but not required.
We travel with the following set pieces and props:
• 6 rugs
• 60 Flickering Flameless 6PCS Battery Operated LED Pillar Candles
• Painting of Joni Mitchell
• Table cloth, tea pot, tea cup, a can full of paint brushes, incense holder with incense

Venue to provide: painting easel, small side table, a chair for the guitarist, 2 cabaret stools for Queenie and the double bass player, two music stands, and 3 sconce lights for the music stands and the pianist’s sheet music.

Stage Set-Up:
• Rugs cover the floor
• Piano set DS OP facing slightly US
• Guitar set up US OP
• Bass set up US PS
• Candles set up on the piano top, table and around the floor
• Cabaret stool set up DS, OP of centre
• Boom mic set in front of cabaret stool DS, OP of centre
• Straight mic set up front, centre
• Low table covered with table cloth, tea

Crew Notes

Venue crew required to operate sound and lights

Transport Notes

Car – set can travel by plane with venue providing painting easel, stools, table as listed in tech specs.

Audience & Marketing Notes

The key audience for music lovers, particularly fans of Joni Mitchell – particular men and women 40+. These audience should experience the work because of the profound storytelling and deep diving into Joni’s work that is presented by Queenie within Blue. This audience hold a great appreciation for the type of show/cabaret.

Selling Points

  • The popularity of Joni Mitchell Music is a large selling point of the show. Queenie is also Melbourne-based and has a significant and loyal following grown over her extensive music and theatre career.
  • The rave reviews and sell-out performances at the Queensland and Melbourne Cabaret Festivals as well as the show winning 3 prestigious theatre awards, and being nominated for the Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret Performer and the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Cabaret Production also add to the marketability of the show.

Community Engagement

  • Queenie is one of Australia's leading theatre educators. She available to do workshops in singing, musical theatre performance, cabaret and audition techniques. Queenie has specialised is the last decade in musical workshops for young performers.




Adults 40+

Venue Format

Can perform in any space with basic lighting and sound


70 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

What are these? Find out more.

Remount: $2000

Weekly Sell Off: $14515.2

Per Performance: $3500

Apra Obligations:
Dramatic Context Licence


Technical Specifications

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