Once And For All

Producer: Such As They Are
Writer: Mark Penzak, original music by Rose Turtle Ertler
Directed By: ensemble
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Using the stories of those buried in the cemetery to remind us what is important to ourselves


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Technical Information

Technical Rating: C
Touring Party: 5
Bump-in Time: 6 hrs
Bump-out Time: 3 hrs
Interval: Optional




Transport Notes

Audience & Marketing Notes

Selling Points

  • Site specific using the town’s cemetery
  • Uses stories about the local community drawn from history and anecdote
  • A cathartic and kind experience for those who've experienced a death of someone close or have someone buried in the cemetery.
  • Artists resident in the town prior to the performances to build relationships and interest
  • Extensive involvement of the community in constructing and delivering the show
  • Prop making workshops prior to the performance can include various organisations such as local primary school, general public, old people's home
  • Novel experience; part cemetery tour, part participatory theatrical experience make it exciting
  • Opportunity given to confront and discuss death in an open and gentle way
  • Promotes connection within community through cathartic conversations

Community Engagement

  • Such As They Are are resident in the town and meet the community to gather stories and construct the show.
  • We use a local as our key connector to put us in touch with people and organisations.
  • We work with the local historical society.
  • We find local musicians and singers to participate in the performance.
  • There is scope for individuals to read or speak.
  • We include a local dancer or two.
  • We run workshops to make cardboard props and set used in the show.

Content Warning







Adults & accompanied children

Venue Format

Part 1, site specific at cemetery, part 2 in a hall


90 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

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Remount: $26000

Weekly Sell Off: $0

Per Performance: $0

Royalties: NA
Apra Obligations: NA

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