Hard To Reach Places

Anna Lumb
Anna Lumb
Directed By:
Rebecca Church
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An intimate and powerfully authentic solo show that mingles theatre, clowning, music and circus.


Hard To Reach Places is a new solo work created and performed by Anna Lumb and directed by Rebecca Church. It premiered in the 2019 Melbourne Fringe Festival in the new Fringe Hub at Trades Hall and was well received by audiences and critics alike. In HTRP Anna reflects on her personal experiences as a women, mother and artist – exploring the challenges, conflict, humour and heartbreak that occurs on a daily basis – “all these things can be a total circus!” Anecdotes about the mundanity of the supermarket, the chaos of parenting, ageism, and difficult relationships are recounted with humour, pathos and a good dose of physical comedy and skill.

Restless, anxious and strangely liberated by having no life plan; she wonders is everyone else faking it too?

A day in a woman’s life is played out non-sequentially as she navigates the challenges of parenting, relationships, show business, visible ageing, and the unrealistic expectations she places on herself and others.

This new solo work combines circus, movement, text and sound in a darkly humorous, irreverent and personal insight into one person’s daily experiences and the chaos that ensues from some questionable life choices.

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Technical Information

Technical Rating:
Touring Party:
Bump-in Time:
Bump-out Time:


The Operator/Production Manager will operate all lighting from a FOH position (sound/lighting desk).
• 1x 12ch, 3 Phase dimmer rack (minimum)
• Lighting console
• Lighting Gels
• Lighting fixtures or reasonable alternatives (tbc plotting design)


The Operator/Production Manager will operate sound levels from FOH position. The operating position must be located in the same area as the lighting operation position. The performer will operate some sound from stage so a DI is requires to patch into sound system.

Venue to provide:
• 1x hand-held microphone
• 2x radio microphone headsets with appropriate belt packs
• 1x DI with all necessary cabling
• Audio Console with at least 6 channels (for mics, DI and Qlab)


The set consists of:
• Bicycle mounted on a stand
• DJ controller, foldback speaker and laptop on a desk/table
• Props/circus equipment situated in and around the stage area

Venue to provide:
• Clean, matt or low gloss black ply/masonite stage floor or similar. Floor must be smooth and in good condition for movement and choreography
• Small desk/table for laptop and controller
• Black masking if required

HTRP to provide:
• Bicycle and stand
• DJ controller, foldback speaker and laptop
• Props and circus equipment

Crew Notes

1 x House Tech (LX) to assist with venue systems, show presets and post show clean up/shut down
1 x Bump in and bump out crew
Appropriate FOH staff

Transport Notes

1 x large wagon or van with sufficient space to fit a bicycle and props
Can travel by plane

Audience & Marketing Notes

Women/men/non gender specific peoples ages 18+, mothers/parents, other women in my age bracket (40’s). The work has a broad appeal in that it explores universal themes of parenting, relationships and work/life balance which are relatable to audiences of varied ages and backgrounds; particularly but not exclusively a female audience. Anyone that has an interest in storytelling/feminism/circus should also see this work.

Selling Points

  • Features circus skills, dialogue, comedy, great soundtrack
  • Can be enjoyed by adults of varied ages and backgrounds, universal themes
  • Empowers women, sends a positive message
  • Strong female role model
  • Humorous, entertaining, poignant, emotionally intelligent
  • Great reviews
  • Anna has performed all over the world to audiences of all ages

Community Engagement

  • Q&A post show
  • Workshop - hula hoops or act devising

Content Warning

some nudity, strong coarse language, references to domestic violence









Venue Format

Black Box preferred but reasonably flexible


45 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

What are these? Find out more.

Remount: $5520.73

Weekly Sell Off: $4848.53

Per Performance: $2680

Apra Obligations:
Recorded music is subject to licensing through APRA


Technical Specifications

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