Grigoryan Brothers – A Boy Called Sailboat

RAZ Music
Slava & Leonard Grigoryan
Directed By:
Cameron Nugent
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Screening of award-winning film with the soundtrack performed live by the Grigoryan Brothers


Acclaimed guitarists Slava & Leonard Grigoryan have expanded their creative output by crafting and recording the soundtrack to the award-winning movie ‘A Boy Called Sailboat’. This heart-warming movie, written and developed by Melbourne-based creative team Cameron Nugent and Andrew Curry was filmed in New Mexico and stars Academy Award® winning actor J.K Simmons, Noel G, Elizabeth De Razzo, Jake Busey, Lew Temple and Julian Atocani Sanchez in the title role.

Sailboat brings love and hope to a family who have forged a simple but proud life in the drought-ridden Deep South. One afternoon he brings home a “little guitar”. From this moment, Sailboat and his little guitar are inseparable, and when his ill grandmother requests he write a song for her, Sailboat meanders through adversity to deliver the unimaginable – the greatest song ever written.

The Latin-themed soundtrack is a key element to the movie and provides an opportunity for audiences to hear the Grigoryan Brothers like never before.

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Technical Information

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The production travels with its own lights to illuminate the Grigoryan Brothers but only enough so the audience can see them without interfering with the projection. Otherwise no lighting is required


The production travels with its own sound system which is used to amplify the Grigoryan Brothers. No tech is required for this as they control the PA themselves.


All that is required for this production is a screen for projection, a projector and PA capable of amplifying the movie dialogue. The Grigoryan Brothers are seated in front and to the side of the screen so as not to distract from the movie .

Transport Notes

8 seater people mover

Audience & Marketing Notes

This award-winning movie is attractive to movie-lovers, families, children and aficionados of the Grigoryan Brothers, and guitar music in general.

This heart-warming film shot in New-Mexico has a quirky Australian humour and sensibility thanks to the casting, script and incredible direction by its Australian creative team Cameron Nugent and Andrew Curry. Critical acclaim, reviews and audience responses support this view.

As a stand-alone movie, this is a heart-warming story of the power of music and importance of family. Add to the mix a live performance of the soundtrack by Australia’s most respected classical guitarists and you have a project with broad appeal.

Selling Points

  • A multiple award-winning film with a cast including Academy Award winner JK Simmons.
  • Soundtrack created and performed live by two of Australia's most recognised classical musicians.
  • A story line that has universal appeal.
  • A unique presentation involving combining film and live music

Community Engagement

  • The Director, Cameron Nugent who tours with the production can offer a Q & A before or after the screening
  • The Grigoryan Brothers can do workshops on guitar playing for students at schools and colleges








All ages, family friendly

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Film screening capabilities


90 Minutes

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Per Performance: $5000

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