Finucane & Smith’s Travelling Dance Hall! Everybody! Encore!

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Finucane & Smith
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Finucane & Smith
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Beloved travelling dance salon returns! New global stars! awesome local talent! everybody get up!


After touring small halls to big cities, the beloved “what a blast” “wonderful revelation” “genuine community spirit” Dance Hall returns, with new stars, new acts, and a special place in our heart for fire hit communities.

From a background in creating world famous cabarets, playing for more than 600,000 people in 15 countries with 13 variety awards under their belt, and with their smash hit Caravan Burlesque holding the record for the longest tour of Variety since the gold rush, Finucane & Smith dreamed up Dance Hall.

Bursting at the seams with global talent, lifting up & showcasing local stars of every stripe, transforming venues from tin sheds to grand old halls, PACs into salubrious speakeasies, Dance Hall is a celebration, a whole of community shindig, a night to remember. Complete with twinkling lights, velvet drapes, table seating & toe-tapping tunes to get everybody up in the aisles!

When the last bit of bunting is packed and the glitter is all that’s left, Dance Hall leaves behind a community that has seen its own bounty in a new light. For those hit hardest by the fires, if you don’t have a venue or money, put up your hand. F&S are creating the back of truck Dance Hall!

Short Review


Technical Information

Technical Rating:
C (and for communities hard hit by fire a D rated show is available)
Touring Party:
Bump-in Time:
Bump-out Time:


General Note | Lighting design is flexible to diverse presentation spaces: indoor, outdoor, standard and non-traditional venues.
* Show can be realised without 3 phase power.
* We recognise small & fire-affected venues may have very limited equipment and we can work with you to achieve a beautiful LX within your capacity (please give us notice and time to create lateral solutions)

Dance Hall will utilise standard venue rig as much as possible to achieve backlight & front light O/W full stage washes with specials.

PRESENTER/ VENUE SUPPLIES (wherever available)
* 4 specials using 15-30 degree profiles.
* Small spots C, OP & P-DS as well as CS and on Thrust.
* A full cyc colour mix on backdrop (which can be achieved with venue cyc lx or producer supplied LED pars if necessary.)
* Haze required
* 2 x dimmable circuits will be required on stage for set LX
* 4 x GPO for ground LED
* 2 x dimmable circuits at LX1 bar for Festoons
* Followspot desirable (where available)
* Control position in rear of auditorium or box

Producer provides the following Touring LX to supplement venue stock as required:
* all gels
* 10 RGB LED Pars
* 2 x LED RGB movers
* 2 x 5m dimmable LED RGB festoon
* 4 x foot lights (par 16 birdies)
* 6 x par 16
* Lighting Console with DMX out to integrate into inhouse system (TBC)
* 2 x 4-pack Dimmers
* 1 x Hazer (TBC)


General Audio Note | We recognise small and fire-affected venues may have very limited equipment and we can work with you to achieve a beautiful show within your capacity (please give us notice and time to create lateral solutions)

* 12 channel (preferably with 4 band parametric EQ on all channels) +1 stereo channel Audio console.
* sound system appropriate to venue with playback and live audio capacity
* 2 x Subwoofer + amps;
* 2 x Fold back wedge (preferably 4. 2 P & OP-DS. 2 P & OP-US side fill)
* 1 x standard SM58 microphone + stand (bio box & backstage);
* All appropriate leads + stands + cables
* Additional sound gear such as DIs may be required depending on the nature of acts from community participants

* Playback off of a laptop (qlab) with a mini jack input. Company PM operates
* 2 x sennheiser cordless audio mics plus receivers


General Note | Dance Hall ideally sets up a ‘dance salon’, using an existing or built raised stage, table seating, and hung drapes, lanterns and decorations. The set up is flexible to a diversity of venue types, including outdoors.
* Main Stage | Dance Hall requires a raised stage (rostra or existing main stage min 4m x 4m)
* Catwalk | Dance Hall builds a thrust or catwalk from main stage into the audience seating area. Treads allow access to audience. Can be built from standard rostra. Venue to provide rostra & treads.
* Dance Hall Set | is hung from existing points, grid or push ups (provided by company) Set includes red velvet draping & legs, satin swagging & white satin ruched backdrop | coloured festoon & lanterns
* Setting the Space | Ideally some or all of the audience are seated at cabaret tables. Venue supply can be supplemented (freight permitting) by producer’s cabaret tables (500mm diameter). Velvet and satin table cloths create a salon vibe; provided by producer

Crew Notes

BUMP IN CREW (guide or volunteer labour can be subsituted with at least 1 skilled tech)
2 x Mechanists/Staging Crew (2 hours)
1 x LX Technician/Electrician (5 hours)
1 x SND Technician (3 hours)

2 x Mechanists/Staging Crew (2 hours)
1 x LX Tech x 2 hours (may not be required depending on whether Producer LX used)

1 x Venue tech for LX or Sound Operation (NB: Producer PM will operate LX or Sound. May operate both in some venues)
1 x Follow Spot Operator if follow spot available/desirable (can be a venue tech)
1 x Assistant Stage Manager is desirable (can be volunteer)
1-2 x House dressing assistants for 1 hour to dress cabaret tables etc (can be FOH, ushers, volunteers)

Transport Notes

General | 1 tonne van plus 8 seater people mover
Fire affected communities | we are currently researching staging the work in curtain-sided tautliner truck for heavily fire hit communities that may have lost venues & equipment for outdoor staging. This model brings the artists and gear into town on a (red!) curtain sided truck, which then serves as a stage, using the canopy frame for hanging drapes, lights and set, and pulls the curtains back to reveal the travelling dance salon. Treads take the action into audiences, and the show requires only power for lx and sound, person power support to set up and enough space for folk to bring camping stools and seats. It’s a self sufficient travelling dance salon!

Audience & Marketing Notes

Dance Hall is a whole-of-community shindig, with broad appeal and an ethos of hospitality, diversity and inclusion. The family friendly & grown up versions of Dance Hall, combined with a joyful focus on showcasing diversity, have built new audiences, new connections & great audience diversity.

F&S have built a global reputation for bold eye catching, context tailored marketing. A demonstrated commitment to working closely with communities to develop & deliver marketing campaigns sits alongside a community engagement strategy that brings new community members, friends & family to local venues.

Audiences for Dance Hall include
* Theatre audiences
* Lovers of dance, cabaret & burlesque
* Group bookings looking for a great fun night out
* Perfect celebratory addition to a supper event, launch or festival
* Engagement with diverse local cultural & art groups across age groups mean Dance Hall draws in diverse groups within your community
* ‘Local guest stars’ creates immediate appeal for local artists and the family & friends of local musical, dance & movement groups
* Family friendly/all ages version engages schools, children’s dance, music, empowerment & sport groups

Selling Points

  • Dance Hall is the whole-of-community shindig of the year.
  • Created by global cabaret superstars Finucane & Smith who’ve won 15 cabaret awards, created the world’s most awarded Provocative Variety & have played to 600,000 people across 5 continents!
  • Dance Hall's not a show, it’s an event, a night out with friends, a twinkling-lanterned, satin-draped knees up that will literally have you dancing in your chair!
  • Finucane & Smith’s regional tours are legendary. They hold the record for the longest tour of Variety since the gold rush, and their cabarets are generous, beloved, clever, naughty, super smart and an absolute hoot for everyone. You’ll leave felling better than when you arrived.
  • Dance Hall stars globally awarded artists that have performed from Berlin to Bruthen, choreographed with Sydney Olympics, won best actress at the Belgium Film Festival & countless Best Performer awards.
  • See your own local superstars in a whole new light!
  • Dress up, grab your friends, book a table & see your local venue transformed into a gorgeous travelling Dance Salon
  • Dance Hall can be family friendly celebration, or grown up eye-popping jaw-dropping dance dive – you choose!

Community Engagement

  • F&S are globally acknowledged for their engagement with local communities. Workshops, forums, classes, post-show audience talks included.
  • Presentation can include workshops/Q&A/forum
  • Community artists are featured in the presentation. F&S structure, direct, facilitate & curate participants. Plus all community members are invited to ‘show up a little early’ & learn the Bollywood finale
  • Deeper community engagement sees F&S arrive 1-2 days prior (up to a week in festival contexts) to work with community to create, shape & present work. (All ages)

Content Warning

There is a family friendly Dance Hall that has no warnings, and a late night version that includes partial nudity. (in some festival contexts we have done both on different nights!)




All ages 8+

Venue Format

Pros arch, black box, hall, community room, outdoors


90 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

What are these? Find out more.

Remount: $28800

Weekly Sell Off: $13800

Per Performance: $5280

Apra Obligations:
Mix of original music, period non-copyright music. Some contemporary music (APRA no dramatic context as this is a cabaret)

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