Raconteur Productions
Julia Foenander
Directed By:
Richard Gyoerffy
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Club Soda... welcome back to the 20's


A vintage inspired cabaret and circus show with a main character ‘Mr Sandman’ who leads his admirers on a mystical, sleepy and at times slightly creepy journey to the land of Nod and back again. Explores a yearning to belong, a fear of abandonment, death, love, the archetype of Mr Sandman, a girl called Soda and her friends all of whom are gripped in a myriad of possibilities. Not (as the poster may suggest) another ‘Gatbsy’ show but a journey through the 1920’s to the 1950’s prom queen where the characters are often stuck in an alternate world listening to the phone ring from the other side.

Effortlessly blending a vaudeville variety show with theatrical elements exploring surrealism and clowning, limited MC announcements with vignettes that tie the performances together. “Back to the 20’s ” is also a direct reference to the fact that once again we are perhaps ‘partying’ with a latent sense of impending doom of what the near future brings. Club Soda is also available as a concept classic town hall dance with a live Swing Band with infused cabaret acts. Dubbo Convention Centre has chosen this option for 2020 which is a lesser fee.

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Technical Information

Technical Rating:
Touring Party:
Bump-in Time:
Bump-out Time:


LX design : the production will utilise the lighting rig in the venue with minimal changes. [ A generic lighting plan will be provided prior to bump in as a guide. ]
At minimum the production requires the venue to provide a lighting rig that can facilitate :
Open stage wash
Coloured stage washes ; blue / red / green / antique – yellow (will utilise other washes If available)
Front white specials to create spotlight centre stage and front wash to pick up detail [ / follow spot preferred if available. ]
At least 5 specials to be set as required for specific routines.
Footlights or stage floor pick-up lighting specials for tap dancing routines.


Quality in-house sound system appropriate for venue size;
Facilities for lap-top playback ( lap top provided by producer ) to play provided soundtrack;
1 x fold back wedge
2 x cordless microphones + 2 stands
1 x headset microphone
Sub stage or on stage floor microphones required to amplify tap dancing routines – at least 2 microphones.


Clear stage, pre set lighting rig as per lighting plan, may require pre rigging, smoke, hazer. We travel with a licensed rigger who also holds a scissor lift operating license.

Crew Notes

Bump-in Lighting Crew: 1 Technician x 7 hours
Performance Lighting Crew: 1 LX Op Technician x 3 hours
Dependant upon Production Lighting technician availability – to be set and discussed with the producers.
Bump-in Audio Crew: 1 Technician x 7 hours
Performance Audio Crew: 1 SX Op Technician x 3 hours
Bump-in Staging Crew: 1 crew x 2 hours ( optional )
Bump-out Staging Crew: 1 crew x 2 hours ( optional )

Transport Notes

One tonne van and 8 seater people mover. Yes everything can travel by plane.

Audience & Marketing Notes

Having toured over 50 Performing Art Centres covering every state in Australia with our first production The Paris Underground Cabaret this new concept targets a vast and prolific existing cabaret market. Our target is more or less a repeat market with scope to include an even greater diversity of people as we also offer a ‘dance hall evening’ in which a Swing band plays with cabaret acts dispersed throughout the night. This concept also targets those who may not be be partial to either cabaret or theatre but very responsive to live music with a dinner and show/drinks option hence fostering a totally new audience for the arts.

Selling Points

  • The Club Soda image was a commercially produced by an international fashion photographer (who wishes to remain anononmous) who is a close friend and waived the $15000 fee (lucky us!) The image and title were conceived to reflect not only the cabaret nature of the production but to evoke a theme of celebration that speaks to common notion of the 'Gatsby' party without explictedly making reference to such a theme. A 'safe' and inclusive concept also open to interpretation and expansion to include either theatre or cabaret set up we know that this is an easy show to promote. Currently the Club Soda image is on the front cover of the 'The Wedge' (Sale) Season booklet for 2020 and we believe that this is a wonderful opportunity for presenters to garner further interest in their program. As we have an intimate relationship with many PACS we are (together) very knowledgable of our audience potential, spaces, promotional opportunities and so on.

Community Engagement

  • There is plenty of scope to engage the local community both on a formal and informal level. Currently we are have a behind the scenes tour for year 12 students studying arts on Friday March 6th at Red Earth Arts Precinct focusing on lighting, set and prop construction, marketing, promoting/ conceiving a stage production etc. We also have a Burlesque workshop on the Saturday for local dancers/artists concluding with a Q & A. Performers hosting FOH in character for Club Soda that night. Dubbo also has dance lessons prior.

Content Warning

Burlesque performance, adult themes




18 plus

Venue Format

Proscenium Arch/ Flat Floor/ Black Box/Hall


90 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

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Remount: $0

Weekly Sell Off: $24000

Per Performance: $8800

Apra Obligations:
Standard applies


Technical Specifications

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