Become The One

Lab Kelpie
Adam Fawcett
Directed By:
Lyall Brooks
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An incisive and contemporary new comedy-drama that asks the question: what would you do for love?


When Noah captures the attention of Tom, a celebrated AFL player nearing the end of his career, sparks immediately fly. But as the season progresses and their relationship grows, questions around identity, sexuality and our devotion to hyper-masculinity begin to surface, forcing them – and us – to consider what happens to love when good intentions and patience aren’t enough anymore.

Using a clever mix of comedy, romance and drama, this new play explores the pressure and continual need for men to perform – on and off the field – and the repercussions when you don’t.

Set entirely in the concrete fortress of Tom’s apartment, the domesticity of this clandestine relationship allows us to both celebrate and send-up stereotypes, while delving deeply into themes and topics as broad as unconditional love, power dynamics between couples and our obsession with sport.

This funny, smart and challenging play won the 2018 Playtime Award for new writing and was subsequently premiered at the 2019 Midsumma Festival, where it received strong critical and audience praise.

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Technical Information

Technical Rating:
Touring Party:
Bump-in Time:
Bump-out Time:


The show utilises house stock from a standard rig (essentially just require an isolated front wash, side wash and LED backlighting). LX called by touring Stage Manager from either standard PS position or bio box.

Venue to supply: Basic house stock, memory console, minimum 36-channel LX rig, 4 x circuits for touring backstage work lights.

Lab Kelpie to supply: 4 x backstage work lights for props tables.


Lab Kelpie will have a laptop loaded with Qlab and our show file ready to patch into your system. Touring stage manager will operate sound.


Set consists of AstroTurf floor, rostra, wall and seating elements, plus Eames armchair and ottoman. It has a 4.8m wide x 3.6m deep footprint, isolated in the middle of the wider playing area (ideally min 8m x 6m). See reference images.

2 to 4 tables (supplied) will be positioned backstage (1 or 2 on each side) for costumes and props.

Set and space requirements can be negotiable for smaller venues.

Crew Notes

Our tech team will provide a comprehensive redrafted design for your individual venue using your existing stock, LX bars and dimensions to enable a full pre-rig to be undertaken.

This redraft will be completed as soon as practical after contracting, and no later than three weeks prior to arrival.

Pre-rig is required unless negotiated. Crewing figures may be negotiable for smaller venues.
Pre-Rig: 3 hours
2 x LX @ 3 hours

Bump In: 4 hours
2 x LX @ 2 hours (staggered)
1 x Mech @ 2 hours (staggered)

Performance: 1.5 hours
1 x LX @ 3 hours

Bump Out: 2 hours
1 x LX @ 2 hours
1 x Mech @ 2 hours

1330 – 1530 Bump in set
1530 – 1730 LX focus and plot, test sound
1730 – 1830 Crew break; Cast call and set familiarisation
1830 – 1930 Hour Call
1930 – 2100 Show
2100 – 2300 Bump out

Transport Notes

Entire tech travels in a three-tonne truck or Sprinter van. Access to loading bay preferable. Cast to travel by car.

Audience & Marketing Notes

Become The One appeals to a broad cross-section of audiences including:
Regular subscribers who enjoy new work around Australian themes.
35 to 65 year olds who enjoy intelligent theatre around ‘meatier’ themes.
30-50 year old women who love romance dramas!
25-35 year olds who are socially conscious and attracted to work that explores social issues that reflect their world.
19-25 year olds who are seeking contemporary, diverse storytelling.

– Senior secondary Drama and Theatre Studies teachers and students – especially if the play is selected for the 2021 VCE Playlist (we will be applying).

– Girls’ Nights Out, or couples – a play that has something to satisfy women (romance and good looking boys!) and men (sporting issues and humour).

– LGBTQ+ audiences and their allies (family, friends etc) who can relate to the experiences of our two characters.

– Local sporting and social clubs (particularly football and male-orientated clubs) who would benefit from a work that explores male issues.

– Audiences (all demographics) with a keen interest in all things AFL.

Selling Points

  • The topical nature of the story. By exploring a hypothetical event that will eventually enter the public domain (the relationship of a closeted AFL player), venues can tap into the intrigue factor. Emphasizing the work as a timely examination of Australia’s national sporting culture can further highlight this.
  • A smart, sexy and funny blend of comedy, drama and romance (points which are highlighted in excellent reviews).
  • Proven, critically acclaimed and award-winning Australian play.
  • o help highlight these hooks, Lab Kelpie will provide presenters with access to high-quality marketing collateral, including promotional videos and an extensive set of strong visuals ranging from marketing and production images to review quotes and poster/flyer artwork.

Community Engagement

  • Q&As: Excellent for deepening understanding of the work.
  • PERFORMING WORKSHOPS: Tailored for students or adults, our team takes participants through a 90-minute, behind-the-scenes, hands-on workshop.
  • WRITING INSIGHTS: Perfect for aspiring writers, we unpack the creative writing process using Become The One as a case study.
  • SCHOOL PACKAGES: Full Teachers’ Resources are provided, with creative workshops available.

Content Warning

MA 15+. Some mild coarse language.





0408 59 59 39




Venue Format

Prosc Arch or Black Box with minimum stage size of 6m x 6m.


75 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

What are these? Find out more.

Remount: $15912

Weekly Sell Off: $7885

Per Performance: $0

Apra Obligations:
Lab Kelpie will cover any APRA obligations.

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