A Night Traversing Earth and Stars

Dandelion Wine
Dandelion Wine
Directed By:
Dandelion Wine
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A blend of old world instruments, electronic beats and choir with mesmerising puppetry and visuals.


A Night Traversing Earth and Stars sees world renown electro-medieval trio Dandelion Wine reinterpret their work via collaborations with local community choirs and the stunning puppetry and visuals of Keira Lyons and Justine Warner. Each location will see the band working with a new choir in that region to create a performance awash with lush textures both sonically and visually.

Dandelion Wine’s music combines female vocals and beautiful old world instruments such as lute, dulcimer, bell cittern, sansula and cello with electronic beats and the occasional bout of soaring guitar. They have toured Europe, Asia and Australia numerous times and have played a multitude of festivals clubs, castles and historic spaces.

Keira Lyons and Justine Warner have a wealth of experience in puppetry both locally and internationally, with credits ranging from Polyglot and The Very Hungry Caterpillar to War Horse, as well as the puppetry in Dandelion Wine’s “Unlikely Impossible” video. First performed at Melbourne Fringe in 2019, A Night Traversing Earth and Stars is set to head to regional centres to continue the collaboration with a different community choir in each region.

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Technical Information

Technical Rating:
Touring Party:
Bump-in Time:
Bump-out Time:


Flexible. In a performing arts centre/theatre we would ask for a few colour washes and specials for each performer and the choir as a whole. In an alternate/historic space we could require as little as two lighting trees with four lights each. Lighting must be such that it does not interfere with projection visibility. (ie not directly from the front or onto the projection wall)


Standard concert PA with:

Minimum 16 channel mixing desk (24 or 32 preferred)
3 x instrument mics
2 x lead vocal mics
4-8x vocal mics for choir
6 x DI
Stands for all mics
Leads for all mic and DI sources
6-8 x monitor wedges (depending on size of the stage and/or choir)

PLEASE NOTE: most performing arts centre PA systems will be sufficient but we may be able to provide additional equipment as necessary in other settings.


Must have tall white background behind stage for projection. Can either be theatre with white cyc or other space with white walls behind the stage. Hanging of suitable white item by presenter may be a possibility (eg parachute, fabric, white spray painted wall of hay or other such alternate solution).

If possible, a space to set up live shadow screen puppetry in reasonable proximity to projector as a live feed of the shadow scrim is feed back into the projector via a laptop and HDMI cable (max length 25m cable)

Crew Notes

Please note, we supply our own sound engineer.

Transport Notes

All touring party and equipment can travel in their own vehicles or a hired van.

Audience & Marketing Notes

Dandelion Wine’s appeal covers audiences interested in both contemporary alternative music and more traditional styles. The incorporation of classical and early music instruments into contemporary electronic styles is one of the key features of the band. The addition of the choir further broadens the marketing scope of the show and helps to bring a true cross pollination of audiences.

The use of multifaceted visuals extend the show’s appeal to the broader arts community and not just the contemporary music gig going audience.

Selling Points

  • Engaging with local community choirs from the local community that the performance is in Unusual instruments - lute, dulcimer, bell cittern, sansula etc. in a contemporary setting with electronic beats
  • Dandelion Wine’s extensive touring history throughout Europe, Asia and Australia
  • Predominantly female production (Dandelion Wine are two-thirds women, both puppeteers are women, members of most community choirs are predominantly women)
  • Family friendly

Community Engagement

  • Local choir (central to the show)
  • Possibility of doing a workshop in combining medieval, folk and classical instruments in a contemporary amplified folk/rock/electronic setting, including arrangement tips, equipment and techniques for amplification, effects and live looping. We have given these workshops in Europe, including with the Alytus Youth Orchestra in Lithuania.
  • Possibility of having a young puppeteer from the local community as an intern on the show (Keira Lyons is a qualified and currently practicing secondary school teacher)





0478 622 145



All ages, family friendly

Venue Format

The show can work in any of these spaces


60 Minutes

Available Until


Budget & Fees

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Remount: $0

Weekly Sell Off: $8000

Per Performance: $3000

Standard APRA obligations only
Apra Obligations:
Standard live music obligations for original music only (no dramatic context etc)

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