Outcomes for Participants


While the ultimate goal of Showcase Victoria is to build tours, either through tour coordinators such as Regional Arts Victoria, directly with venues, or as independent producers, there are many other benefits to participating in the program as a performer or producer.

The outcomes of Showcase Victoria are not always immediate and it’s possible you could be contacted by a venue months or even years down the track or make a connection that leads to an entirely different opportunity.

Benefits to participating

Establish and maintain relationships with venues and programmers

Connect with other artists, performance-makers and producers to work on new shows

Get booked for once-off performances

Gain further insight and experience into how the industry works

Experience a lot of great art in a short amount of time!

Increase the lifespan of your work and have it reach a broader audience

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Applications are now closed

Applications to participate in the Showcase Victoria 2020 program have now closed. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive updates on next year’s event or contact us here.