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Frequently Asked Questions


Applications usually open in December of the year prior to the next event and close late January but please note that due to the current COVID-19 situation, this is subject to change.

Yes you can but you need to submit a separate application for each work.

A Presenter is an individual or organisation that manages one or more venues or festivals and programs performing arts for their community.  Also referred to as venues and/or programmers.

A Producer is an individual or organisation that creates works that fit under the banner ‘performing arts’.  Also interchanged with artist/performance-maker.

The quickest way to engage both the Selection Panel and venues and programmers, is with a high quality video clip that accurately represents your project.  If you are applying with a work that hasn’t premiered at the time of application we suggest you include an interview with the director, or excerpts from your rehearsals/workshop sessions instead.

Here is an example from Red Stitch Actors Theatre of a clip made prior to the work having premiered, and here’s one from Lab Kelpie which includes audience reaction and reviews. This clip, a promo for RED by Liz Lea, is also a great example.

Whilst the tone of these clips may not be a good fit for your show, the techniques are worth noting – ie. good soundtracks, quality audio and great audiences can expect to see.

No, you don’t have to submit the budget template, it’s a tool for helping you work out the cost of your show.  You do have to submit the overall cost though, including any remount fees and royalties.  For further tour budgeting advice, we recommend you contact Auspicious Arts.

A remount fee is the cost getting your show ready to tour after a period of time. Some shows have no remount fee but others may incur remount expenses such as:

  • performers’ wages for re-rehearsal period (generally no longer than 2 weeks)
  • director’s fee for re-rehearsal period
  • rehearsal space for re-rehearsal period
  • set maintenance, or construction of a new set suitable for touring
  • designer’s fees to revise lighting and sound plans to suit touring venues
  • management/administration fee for re-rehearsal period

Remount fees are shared amongst all the venues on a tour.

The average over the past three years has been approximately 170 applications.  There are typically around 50 place in the program.

Yes, however if similar work is submitted, preference will be given to Victorian-based producers.

Showcase Victoria is a tour-ready marketplace.  However, as most venues program a year or two in advance there is scope for submitting work that hasn’t yet premiered. If in doubt, contact us. 

The information you provide in your application is used by the Selection Panel to assess the work against the Selection Guidelines. It the application is successful, it also forms the basis of your Performance Profile enabling venues to access, save, share and review your show when they’re looking for works to program.


Showcase Victoria is held in a different VAPAC venue each year. Showcase Victoria 2021 will take place at Darebin Arts Centre on Wednesday 19 May.

You can download full programs which include contact details, from the past three years here.

Each year, Showcase Victoria attracts over 250 attendees from across the performing arts industry including professional venue and festival managers, community hall programmers, tour coordinators, representatives from major performing arts companies & industry organisations and independent performance-makers and producers. In 2019, 304 people attended Showcase Victoria at Karralyka in Melbourne.

Following the event, venues and programmers are surveyed to ascertain which projects and productions they are interested in programming for their audiences, and when. This information provides valuable insight into the viability of tours and gives participating artists, producers and tour coordinators a solid foundation from which to develop further relationships and begin the tour-building process.

Yes, Showcase Victoria is a ticketed event with a pricing structure based on your funding status as an organisation or individual, venue or performance-maker. Tickets go on sale approximately 6 weeks prior to each event.